"Every part of the work we do is
We work with professional teaching artists who listen to our ideas and inspire us to  make our work clearer."
"Before I started doing theatre, I never thought of myself as BRAVE. But now I do."
"Rehearsals are really JOYFUL. We want the audience to have the best  experience ever in the theatre and that's why we put so much heart into everything we do." 
"Theater is so much FUN. The team is really solid and totally welcoming. Even when I didn't know anything, they treated me like I belonged."
Our theater is PHYSICAL. And not just if we're building or moving scenery or doing a dance or a fight. You always have to think deeper and experiment to communicate the meanings through movement and gestures."
"Sometimes I think I'm more alive and more myself on stage than anywhere. Those days 
when my brain and my emotions are totally engaged...I feel like I'm on FIRE."