"I LOVE..."

"I love surprising myself. I never knew that I was a good actor until I tried it. Everyone was so funny and welcoming! It wasn't long before the theater became my favorite place to be on campus."


                        Lydia W '16

"I love Shakespeare! Whether we're on the professional stage at the Folger Library or at home in Pendleton, speaking that text at the speed of thought is the most exciting thing in the world."

                     Bailey C. '15


"I love that I get to build the sets and hang the lights but I also get to build a character and work with my fellow actors on stage. I want to be involved in all aspects of what we do!"


                        Robert T. '16

"I love that passion and hard work count in EHS theater. No one cares who's a freshman or a senior--we're friends, and we all work together."

                Lauryn K. '17

"I love being able to do a sport, but still getting to be in the studio plays because all of the acting classes are performance-based."

                Colt W. '18

"I love how friendly everyone is!"


                         Bay C. '19

"I love the Black Box. I love it so much that sometimes I bring my math homework over during study hall and work in the theater."


                       Leo W. '15

"I love using all the technology. You don't have to walk in the door as an expert--you just have to walk in. They'll teach you."


                      Roysworth G. '16