Our little family of dressforms is growing! We bought 3 new forms this month which will aid in making better fitting costumes in the future, and which will help us fill the Black Box with costumed characters when we go out of town during an open house event.

Tim and I have been fighting a lot over names, using a semi-alphabetical system, and a lot of pre-emptory strikes based on personal biases. We've also actually written the names on the forms so we will all know which form is which. Here are the named ones so far:


Drunk Sally



Howard (after Tim Howard, USMNT hero)


That leaves one female form in need of a name. Hence, the most pointless summer contest ever: NAME OUR DRESSFORM!

A few Guidelines:

1. The name must start with 'E'

2. The name cannot be the name of a student (Eve, Emma, Emily, Eunice, Elizabeth are out)

3. Tim has to be able to remeber the name (so my suggestion of Eulalie got nixed)

Suggestions should be emailed to MLO or TDN.

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