New Full-Length Playwrighting Contest Announced for VTA

VTA has just announced its first ever FULL LENGTH playwrighting competition. Yes, in addition to the one-act competition, anyone who writes a play 50 pages or longer can be considered for the full length division this year. Believe me, the pride of being able to call yourself "an award-winning playwright" will keep you warm on many a cold night.

But seriously, why not give it a go? Any Mainstage member who writes a play (full length or one-act) will have the services of the company actors and resident playwright for readings and mentoring. Plays are due by September 19th, and all the rules for the contest are spelled out if you go to "" then click on "Divisions," then "secondary."

50 pages sounds longer than it is. Dialogue goes pretty fast, and if you remember the crucial writer's rule, you can rack up the pages in no time!

Crucial Writer's Rule: First, just write. No Editing, No judgement. Generate lots of text, then go back and fine tune it.

Someone has to enter. Why not you?

#playwrighting #vtaupdates

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