Off to Scotland

I'm going to get on a plane and fly through the night to Scotland. While I'm there, I'll commune with Hamish, the Heiland Coo (highland cow), see lots of experimental theater, take tons of photographs of Edinburgh, and make awkward small talk with theater directors from across the States. That means no blog updates for a week, because let's face it: I'd rather be present when I travel and update what I saw later. By the time I return, the football team will be at EHS for pre-season.wild.

There will be plenty of pictures starting August 21. In the Meantime...

LEARN YOUR LINES: you do not want to be the one who is letting the rest of the company down!

HUG YOUR FAMILIES: they miss you so much during the school year!

GET SOME SLEEP: because boarding school is the enemy of sleep.

#metablog #ahstf

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