Oh, Wow.


In spite of temperartures that never got above 18 degrees celcius (mostly 16 or lower)

In spite of being dared to eat black pudding and doing it,

In spite of being quarantined with extroverted "high school theater people"

I had the best week.

And wherever I went, I thought about you guys, and talked about you guys, and explained that you weren't the Muffys and Biffs they were picturing as they rolled their eyes and tried to tell me that "boarding school kids have it a lot easier than regular kids." I saw some amazing, mind-blowing, moving, exciting shows. I saw some good University theater. I saw a version of Hamlet that had about 8 dream ballets, one of which was a full cast street fight/ orgy/ rave.

Finally, the whole group of directors saw 3 American high school theater shows which were instructive.

The fastest way to show you everything is to send you to...

There are two albums. The one called Pretty Scotland is pretty vacation pictures. The one called Edinburgh Fringe Festival has lots of pictures of street theater as well as bad pictures inside two of the AHSTF performance venues and dorms. I was not trying very hard in the venues, because I don't want us to get assigned to either Church Hill space, and I thin we can avoid it pretty easily.

I'll write more specific posts over the next week, because there's a lot to tell as well as a lot to start trying to solve. I know there are a lot of unanswered questions as we try to fit our cosmopolitan, international boarding school into a program designed for suburban public schools, but we're starting to have some important conversations. I'm really excited about the chance we have to be part of this festival; it really is an incredible, educational, wild experience.


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