Fall Play Highlights 2015

Because there was no room on stage during the Parents' Weekend concert, we became known for making short videos. Here we are poking fun at ourselves after a large number of people asked us if theatre is "relaxing and chill."

Musical Theatre

Song & Dance



We started this production with only 4 students who had previous tap experience and ended with a stage full of hoofers, each doing their best version of a time step.

9th & 10th Graders


Folger Library Secondary School Shakespeare Festival 


The ideal way to share theatre with students from other schools is to do it in a non-competitive, celebratory environment. What a wonderful 1st experience with Shakespeare!

Three years into the process of re-building and re-branding the EHS theatre program, I made this video to help tell the story of who we were...and who we were becoming. It's fun to look back and see how many of the hallmarks of the program were in place even in those early years.

Theatre Program Video


Excerpt from

The Comedy of Errors


This clip is from our open dress rehearsal. There's a range of skill levels here, and about half of these students are new to Shakespeare, but I love working on ensemble shows that give lots of kids a chance.  We used the feedback from the performance to prepare for the State Festival...

where we won!

Parents' Weekend 2014  


For the Parents' Weekend concert, we shared another goofy video outlining our preparations for the state one-act play festival.  (This video was presented with the theme song to "Flashdance" underscoring it.)